09 May 2012

Best Detective Fiction Books List (and John Sandford)

In order (as of the time of this post), here is a list of my favorite detective fiction books that I have read.

01. James Lee Burke - Black Cherry Blues
02. Lawrence Block - When the Sacred Ginmill Closes
03. Michael Connelly - The Concrete Blonde
04. Michael Gruber - Valley of Bones
05. Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None
06. James Lee Burke - Last Car to Elysian Fields
07. James Lee Burke - Cadillac Jukebox
08. Dashiel Hammett - The Maltese Falcon
09. Agatha Christie - The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
10. Ruth Rendell - No More Dying Then
11. Laurie King - To Play the Fool
12. Ross Macdonald - The Drowning Pool
13. Chester Himes - A Rage in Harlem

A separate listing would be books I have read by John Sandford... he is one of my favorite authors, and I have read a lot of his books. They would fall under the detective fiction genre.

John Sandford - Rules of Prey
John Sandford - Eyes of Prey
John Sandford - Mind Prey
John Sandford - Secret Prey
John Sandford - Naked Prey
John Sandford - Mortal Prey
John Sandford - Chosen Prey
John Sandford - Easy Prey
John Sandford - Certain Prey
John Sandford - Hidden Prey
John Sandford - Broken Prey
John Sandford - Phantom Prey

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