13 May 2012

"Valley of Bones" Quotes by Michael Gruber

Here are selected quotes from Valley of Bones by Michael Gruber.

(Here is a list of the best detective fiction books).

- "On the other side, we have what Weil said about the greatness of Christianity being not that it provides a supernatural relief from suffering, but a supernatural use for it. Say you have every good thing. Then you thank God for the honor of being able to serve the poor and the wretched. Now say everything is taken from you, you're crushed like a bug. Simone calls it malheur, the last extremity, nothing left od your personhood at all, sociology has failed, medicine, economics, politics, all the usual dodges are futile, but on the other hand you're a tissue paper away from God. Lose everything, get everything and more, unimaginable graces. Blessed are the poor in spirit. You can't lose." (249)

- "A pilot walks into a saloon in Alaska and the bartender says, of Fred we have not seen you in church recently. Where have you been? The pilot says, I don't go to church any longer. I have lost my faith. The bartender says, but why? The pilot says, last month I crushed my plan in the wilderness in the mountains and I was trapped in the wreckage. I prayed to God to get me out but nothing happened. Day after day I am praying, but nothing. I decide there is no God and I am going to die and there is nothing after death. This is how I lost my faith. So the bartender says, but you did escape from there. You are here alive. And the pilot says, oh, that had nothing to do with God. Some damn Eskimo wandered by and pulled me out." (265)

- "Every plane that goes down must be screaming with prayers."
"That's true, but if any of them are praying sincerely, they're praying for God's mercy in their final moments. That's really the only thing we can pray for, you know, thy will be done, and let me align myself with it." (404)

- "You know, God really wants to talk to us. He tried Scriptures, he tries the still small voice, but we're all unbelievers now, so he mainly speaks to us through a conspiracy of accidents." (410)

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