08 May 2012

"Black Cherry Blues" Quotes by James Lee Burke

Here are selected quotes from Black Cherry Blues: A Dave Robicheaux Novel by James Lee Burke.

- "The reporter had asked him if any of his band members could read music. He replied, 'Yeah, some of them can, but it don't hurt they're playing any.'" (7)

- "Sometimes maybe it's a vanity to judge ourselves. Did you ever think of it that way? You make your statement in front of God, and then you let Him be the measure of right and wrong." (221)

- My experience has been that grief and loss do not necessarily become more acceptable with time, and committment to them is of no value to either the living or the dead." (224)

- "As an adult, I still believe that we become the reflection we see in the eyes of others, so it's important that someone tell us we're all right." (287)

- "I think she reminded me of one of those girls whom Catholic boys were always told, when I was growing up, that they should marry. I doubt that a girl of that kind ever existed, but we believed she did, anyway." (307)

- "I believe every middle-aged man remembers the girl he thinks he should have married. She reappears to him in his lonely moments, or he sees her in the face of a young girl in the park, buying a snowball under an oak tree by the baseball diamond. But she belongs back there, to somebody else, and that thought sometimes rends your heart in a way that you never share with anyone else." (364)

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